In order for the product you purchased from Mekrotik Telekomünikasyon Limited Şirketi to comply with the return conditions, the product must be considered "defective goods". It should be known that the product will not be considered as "defective goods" in case of non-compliance with the terms of use specified in the product delivery and the instructions in the product user manuals by the user, and in case of previously stated deficiencies or warnings regarding the product. Return requests are not accepted due to reasons such as non-compliance with the terms of use, not using according to the instructions in the user manual. Please pay attention to the following issues regarding the product/s – service/s you have purchased: In accordance with our sensitivity to customer satisfaction and related laws, you can return the product/s or service/s you have purchased within seven (7) days by stating a reason. Returns of products that have been opened and/or used and/or destroyed are not accepted. The return shipment of the product must be made with the original packaging and copies of the invoice.

Important note

If the invoice of the product you want to return has been issued on behalf of the company, it must be sent with the return invoice issued by the relevant company when returning the product. The return invoice must be issued without including the cargo share (as the product unit price + VAT).

Product Return Address

Mekrotik Telekomünikasyon Limited Şirketi SEYİTNİZAM Mah. DEMİRCİLER SİTESİ 6. Cad. GALAXI 1 IŞ HANI Apt. No: 83 / 89 ZEYTİNBURNU / İSTANBUL After you receive the product you ordered, you can contact the Customer via the e-mail address for any questions you want to ask about the product return. You can send a message to the Services Officer or call us at 02124152033

Refund and Terms

If the products have been sent to us in accordance with the return conditions (as stated in the above article), the refund of the product amount will be processed on the day the product reaches us. The time for the refund to be reflected in your account is at the discretion of your bank. The refund of the payments made by money order at the purchasing stage is reflected in the customer's account within 1 week at the latest. If the cargo payment is covered by our company during the product delivery, the cargo amount will be deducted while the money is refunded.