Internet Connectivity

internet services

Internet services provided by Mekrotik with the latest technologies available and in various ways to suit all types of existing infrastructure

Fixed internet service available for homes and businesses

Stable internet is provided via ADSL and this service provides speeds up to 16 Mbs per second

It also provides high speeds via VDSL service for speeds up to 100Mbs per second through fiber optic cables.

It also provides high-speed metro lines for speeds of up to 1 GB per second over high-speed metro optical cables. The download value is the same as 1/1 of the line speed in this type of infrastructure.

Wireless internet can be provided for speeds up to 100 MB per second in areas where there is no infrastructure or empty sockets in the switches, and this transmission is provided by air frequencies, wireless Wi-Fi.

In areas where broadcast towers and infrastructure are not available for wireless services, Internet can be provided via a sim card for speeds up to 35 MB per second and special download packages up to 100 GB per month. Mekrotik company in Turkey is with you everywhere